Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaks and Replacement

Do you own a car having an Automatic Transmission system? If yes, then this might be an important check for you! Whether you have minor or some critical Transmission leaks, it’s definitely not a good sign and you should consider getting a car servicing done immediately, to prevent mishaps.

Transmission System: What it does for your car?

Before we learn about Automatic Transmission Fluid leaks and replacement, it’s essential for you to know about the basics.

Your engine is responsible to generate rotational power. In order to drive the car, the engine needs to transfer this rotational energy to the wheels – which is what the ‘Transmission System’ is equipped for. The transmission system also ensures that your engine spins at an optimal rate, while providing power to the wheels.

In cars with Manual Transmission Systems, you get the authority to play with different sized gears and increase/decrease the amount of power by pressing the clutch, depending on your instincts of managing the gear ratios. However, with Automatic Transmission Systems , all of this work is done based on modern automotive engineering and, without you having to eye on the brake pedals or the clutch.

What causes Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaks?

Automatic Transmission Fluids help in driving the car properly and are usually Red or Green in color. Here are some of the top reasons for Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak of your car:

  • Cracked Fluid Line – The steel or aluminium line of the Automatic Transmission System may get damaged or cracked due to debris deposition or due to heat.
  • Gaps – A gap within the transmission or pan basket, torque convertor, transmission pan, fluid lines or seals may cause the automatic transmission fluid to leak out. This may happen due to wear and tear or punctured or loosened plugs.
  • Torque Convertor Leakage – Since the entire Automatic Transmission System runs on the torque system, a crack or a leakage with the torque pump may cause the transmission fluid to leak out.
  • Drain plugs – If your drain plugs are damaged or not tightened properly, there may be chances for the Automatic Transmission to fail out sooner or later.

Fixing and Replacing Automatic Transmission Fluid systems

If your car mechanic is able to identify the Automatic transmission leak at an early stage, the leak may be repaired at a cost less than AUD 150, including replacement of drain plugs, seals, pan bolts, gasket and fluid lines. Most leaks are repaired by car mechanics by simply tightening the loose parts or clearing up the debris and oil replacement. However, if you ignore an Automatic Transmission fluid leak for too long, excessive wear and tear with the damaged transmission system may need you to get the entire system replaced.

Remember that a smaller leak is much easier to fix than a bigger one (with additional complexities and repair costs). The sooner you get your car’s Automatic Transmission Fluid System repaired, the better are the chances of increasing the longevity of your car. Always seek help from a trusted car mechanic to identify the exact point of leakage and get it fixed at a minimal cost.