Any problem with car’s fuel system functioning

Any problem with car’s fuel system functioning? Don’t have any idea? Well, read on this article on how to maintain car’s fuel system and upgrade car engine parts for healthy engine and optimized car performance.

If you are facing any problem with your car’s mileage and you are frequently visiting the gas station, then there might be some problem in car’s fuel system. There might be some leak in the fuel pipes or you might need to replace fuel pump , fuel tanks or even fuel filter of your car.

Engine is something that acts like heart to your car. If heart (engine) is damaged and not pumped with pure or right amount of blood (fuel) into it, it could halt leading to ultimate death of your body (car). To ensure it, replace car fuel system parts and fuel pressure regulator at PartsAvatar Canada and save big on automotive parts shopping over $99.

Many of us are unaware of car’s fuel system and we make it enclosed just with one or two known fuel components like fuel pumps or fuel filter. But fuel system is much more than these components. In this article, let us explore the world of fuel system of your car!!

Components of car fuel system

A typical car fuel system consists of the carburetor, fuel tanks and sender unit, filler pipe, breather pipe, fuel pipe under car’s flooring. Actually these components act as primary sources of fuel delivery as a single fuel pipe runs from the tank under floor to the car to a mechanical pump on the engine. This pump delivers fuel to the carburetor and so on.

The other components of fuel supply system are fuel tank, fuel pipes, coarse filter, fuel feed pump, fuel filter, high pressure pump, fuel injection system.

Carburetor’s job is to mix the right amount of gasoline with air so that the engine runs at its best. Rich or lean fuel mixtures often result in engine related car problems.

So, malfunctioning carburetor won’t be able to properly mix the right amount of fuel and air resulting in either rich or lean mixture. The components of carburetor include throttle valve, air bleed, choke valve, intake valve, exhaust valve, fuel chamber, combustion chamber, manifold, venturi etc.

Car fuel tank stores the fuel to be supplied to the other engine units for the proper operation of car. It is available in different sizes and are storage devices that are located at the rear position of vehicle. The safety valve mounted on the fuel tank is fuel tank cap.

Fuel pumps are responsible for carrying fuel from gas tank to the engine at the appropriate pressure required to meet performance demands. Fuel pumps get into action when the key is turned on. These are very pivotal in fuel system functionality and mechanism so any problem with fuel pump of your car could lead to driving and mileage issues.

Automotive filters are the devices used for separating the impurities from gases or fluids. It screens the impurities out of the fuel and ensures a clean fuel is flowing without extra impurity, oil, air or other harmful chemical. Fuel filters are easily available on auto parts stores these days. So, when your car is undergoing an oil change, don’t forget to check the fuel filter. Replace it if required to get optimized performance of your car.

Now you need something to cool down the temperature, right? Well, there are certain devices which cool down the fluids that flow in internal combustion engine. Fuel coolers are those devices which decrease the vapour lock and increase the horsepower of the vehicle.

Every modern vehicle comes equipped with fuel coolers and they help in optimizing the power of engine by supplying high density liquid to the engine.

Fuel injection system is the system through which fuel is injected into different components of an internal combustion engine without making use of carburetor. Its pivotal in improving engine’s performance and it also reduces the emissions from exhaust. These things have great impact on overall mileage and fuel burning. So, if you are facing problem with fuel injection systems, get them examined by a trusted mechanic immediately.

The intake manifold distributes air coming into the engine evenly to each of the cylinders so that right amount of air can mix with right amount of gas. The intake manifold is responsible for making sure that there is enough air available when the valves open for each intake stroke and each cylinder gets the same amount of air as the others.

Symptoms of bad Fuel system of car

There are certain symptoms that could indicate that the fuel system is not working adequately.

You could experience several engine related issues like difficult engine starting or rough engine idling. Often, the check engine light illuminates indicating that you need to examine your car’s fuel system. There can be a huge problem or a trivial problem like loos fuel cap. But the thorough inspection is necessary.

Are you experiencing issues with acceleration or intermittent power loss? Is your vehicle stalling while driving? You need to visit mechanic immediately.

In case of fuel odours and decreased fuel mileage, there is a possibility that leaks might have been there in the fuel system or there is problem related to filter or pump. You can figure it out once you visit a trusted professional.

Keep you fuel system maintained by filling fresh fuel in the fuel tank. Make sure to replace fuel filters every 15000 miles or as per the manufacturer’s recommendation because a bad fuel filter wont be able to screen out the impurities or debris from the fuel which will ultimately impact the working of car’s engine. Fuel filter is much affordable and cheap to replace as compared to expensive engine components.

So, maintenance is much affordable. You can also refer to your car’s manual if you want to know when to replace engine or fuel parts.

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