American Automotive Service Solutions Reviews

American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) is a reputable auto warranty firm that offers innovative solutions. The entity is renowned for its great customer service. It offers a wide selection of vehicle service contracts to suit varying needs and budgets. Customers can take advantage of the money-back guarantee, which is aimed at ensuring complete peace of mind.

The service provider works closely with prominent administrators to deliver an impressive range of car protection plans. It has assisted thousands of satisfied customers to circumvent high costs of auto repairs since 2008. AASS trained consultants help vehicle owners identify the best plan that suits specific requirements.

The consultants can be reached by phone or online. Customers can request an obligation-free quote for any of the available protection packages.

Vehicle service contract packages

AASS offers vehicle service contracts that complement the manufacturer’s warranty. The contracts are not an extension of the original warranty. They provide adequate cover when it comes to the vehicle’s components. Regular motor vehicle insurance does not cover breakdowns.

Owners of new vehicles with power trains that are still covered by the factory warranty can sign up for road assistance. In addition, the automobiles require coverage for steering, suspension and other components. Vehicle owners with American Automotive Service Solutions packages receive assistance when taking the automobile to the garage.

The assistance is aimed at making sure that repair shops do not cause unnecessary delays or overcharge the client. As a result, AASS customers enjoy a quicker and optimal service, thus reducing inconvenience.

The vehicle service contracts also incorporate trip interruption coverage, which provides reimbursement in the event that the automobile develops mechanical problems on a family trip.

AASS offers contract options from three leading administrators. These include Marathon Vehicle Protection Plan Options, MBPI Vehicle Protection Plan Options and AAS Diamond Vehicle Protection Plans.

Costs of service contracts

Paying premiums every month may seem daunting and costly but it saves car owners in the long run. The contracts are tailored to meet different budgets. They become extremely useful in the event of breakdowns, particularly issues requiring major repairs. Breakdowns involving the engine or gearbox can cost up to $1,000. As a result, protection gives motorists peace of mind knowing that AASS will be there when something goes wrong.

Extended service contract

An extended service contract provides a practical way to eliminate vehicle repair costs. These contracts enable a financial institution to deal directly with auto repair shops on behalf of the vehicle owner. The institution pays the costs of repairs, thus taking the hassle out of the entire process.

The assistance allows motorists to get back on the road quicker and more conveniently. Extended service contracts differ from an extended car warranty in that the later can only be issued and extended by the car manufacturer. This means contracts taken out through American Automotive Service Solutions are extended service contracts.

Unlike many other auto warranty companies, AASS does not work with one administrator. The firm works with three providers, which increases the variety of options offered to customers. Each administrator offers unique service plans based on vehicle age, mileage and equipment.

American Automotive Service Solutions reviews: Contract waiting period

The extended service contracts come with a waiting period. The timeframe associated with the American Auto Service Solutions plans was set following careful consideration and feedback customers. The waiting period takes into account the inconvenience of taking vehicles for inspection before the policy takes effect.

For this reason, the service provider decided to save customers time and money by instituting a reasonable waiting period. The approach is aimed at ensuring that all vehicles covered by the policies are in good working order. In turn, the company discourages scammers from abusing the service.

The AASS difference

American Automotive Service Solutions differs from extended car warranty companies. AASS is certified and is a member of numerous business organizations. The firm is a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA). The membership gives the service provider unlimited access to resources that are not available to non-member companies. The policies offered by AASS are backed by industry leaders.