A Quick Guide to Buying Car Parts Online

Just like many other products, you can buy replacement car parts online, though unlike many other products there are a few precautions you need to take before setting off to order the parts you need.

In this blog we’ll take a look at ordering online and what you need to know before you do.

Make Sure You Get the Right Part

Getting the right parts for your vehicle is pretty important for a number of reasons. For example, if your car is off the road, you don’t want to cause delay to getting it fixed by ordering the wrong part, but there are more important reasons than that.

Many cars are of a generation of that particular model of car. Cars like the VW Polo for example, have been in production for a number of years and have several variants based on the year of production.

We spoke to the parts manager at VW Motorparts who told us “Many parts change between model variants, so it’s essential that you get the right year of your vehicle before ordering your parts.

“Most after-market parts suppliers do not accept returns, so getting the wrong part could be a very expensive mistake.”


How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting the Right Part?

Fortunately, many online parts sellers require your vehicle registration before you are able to place an order of parts. With your vehicle registration they are able to find out the exact model of car in order to supply you with the right part.

If in doubt, you can always refer to the vehicle owner’s manual which will list the part numbers for common car parts.

Avoid Auction Sites

Popular online auction sites can save you lots of time and money, however, we’d recommend giving them a wide berth when it comes to choosing replacement car parts. The seller on an auction site like ebay.co.uk is unlikely to check your vehicle registration before accepting your order and even less likely to offer a refund if you happen to order the wrong part.

If the reasons above weren’t enough to put you off, we also find that many parts advertised on auction sites are either non original parts by aftermarket manufacturers, or in the absolute worst cases fake car parts.

Unfortunately, car parts are not free of fakes and it doesn’t take much to imagine the awful consequences of fitting poor quality fake products to your car.

Buy Online from A Mainstream Dealership

Most mainstream car dealers have an online outlet for parts. Choosing a mainstream dealer online to supply your replacement car parts is perhaps the best of all the options.

A main dealer will know exactly what part is needed for your make and variant of car. They’ll also be supplying you with an original part, so you can be sure of the very best in quality.

This is our overall top tip for ordering your car parts online. Mainstream dealers have a lot of competition out there so you’ll see them offering parts at prices that are great value for money and you’ll have the confidence that you’ll get the right part first time.

We hope our article has given you some helpful pointers for buying car parts online. If you have any other tips that we haven’t mentioned here in our article, why not leave us a comment on the blog.

Until next time, happy motoring.