7 Safety Tips before Going for a Long Drive

Contrary to widespread belief, a road trip does not mean getting your vehicle out on an impulse and hitting the lane straightaway. Here is a list things to take care of and as much if not more groundwork to be completed before you head off for a long drive:

Check tyres:

Tyres should be free from all damage as it plays a crucial role in ensuring the same for rest of the car and those who travel inside. Drifting can lead to a hairline rupture or bump in the rubber. Feel around the tyre surface to ensure that there are none of those. Also make sure that the tread depth is as specified. There’s little worse than having to change a wheel, only to find the spare is missing, flat or damaged. Also check the jack, its handle and the wheel brace are there and fit your car!

Weather and pressure:

When the climate goes chilly, it can be a wise move to check the pressures. Pressure drops with the temperature variations, possibly leaving your car with lesser braking control and waylaying ability, as well as amplified fuel use.

Keep your Car Insurance Up to date:

Do you have the bestcar insurance papers all in order?

According to the Indian traffic law, all vehicle owners should compulsorily buy a third party coverand always carry it along. This will protect you financially and legally in the event of third party injury/ demise or property damage or both. You can opt for best car insurance that offers both third-party and comprehensive coverage. In that way you will be able to protect your vehicle as well as possess a third-party insurance too.


It is not always about your eyesight. A damage or fissure in the windscreen along the lines of the driver’s vision can cause the feared slip up. Some insurance firms have a windscreen claim feature, which does not increase your premium drastically. Visibility also entails the state of wiper blades and if there is adequate screen wash. Exhaustion of screen wash can be treacherous, particularly on the highways, where muddy spray is kicked up from trucks and other automobiles.


It is pretty simple to check your car lights, yet most folks have zero idea if they are driving around with a single headlight or back light. Remember, not only do you have to see, you also have to be seen.

Do not take your car for granted:

It is quite easy to take the new age car for granted. Most people merely open the door, hop in and when you turn the key, the car springs to motion. Straightforward! However dependability is something that was questionable. But now you can carry required provisions such as jump leads, spare oil and screen wash etc. Regardless of your mechanical aptitude, factors like tire conditions, driver visibility and non-operational flash lights and others that you can keep a check on.

Listen to your car:

Lastly, be attuned to the creaks and squeaks of your car. Are there any odd bumps or grating sounds coming from your engine, wheels or somewhere else? If it is something you cannot make out, please take it to your workshop and get it checked. The longer you ignore, bigger your bills will be.


Be safe. Make sure you are driving safe and follow the rules of the road and invest in a best car insurance.