6 Ways to Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Headlights

Your vehicle’s headlights are the only thing between being able to see where you are going at night and being left in the dark. When your vehicle was built, and the lenses were perfectly clear, the light produced by the headlights was at least adequate. However, there are at six ways to improve the performance of your car’s headlights, making it safer for you to drive at night or in bad weather.

Getting Rid of the Haze

If you own a car that is more than a few years old, chances are good the headlight lenses have begun to haze over. Depending on the amount of haze, this problem can lead to severely diminished light output. There are a number of lens polishing kits on the market you can use to remove the haze and restore the lens back to its former clarity. A quick, easy way to restore the brightness of your headlights.

Replace Your Current Bulbs

Most vehicles use capsule-style headlight bulbs today. Did you know these bulbs are available at different levels of output? By upgrading to bulbs with more output, you will be able to see further down the road, making night driving safer. You should be able to find upgraded bulbs at your nearest auto parts store should be able to help you find the right upgraded bulbs.

Upgrade the Bulbs

Most vehicles come equipped with halogen bulbs, which were a massive improvement over the traditional incandescent bulbs used until the 1980s. A cost-effective and simple upgrade would be to replace your car’s headlight bulbs with a set of Xenon bulbs. These give out an intense white light. Installing Xenon bulbs is just as easy as swapping out the bulbs. Remember not to get any fingerprints on the glass as they can seriously affect the lifespan of the bulb.

Install a Set of HID Headlights

While many vehicles being built today already come with HID headlight bulbs installed, if you own an older car, adding them is not hard. HID lights are incredibly bright and are not a simple remove the old install the new type of installation. If you do not feel comfortable working with your car’s wiring, you should have a professional installation.

Install LED Headlights

Not only are LED headlights among the brightest available, but they also use the least energy and can easily be installed in a few minutes. For these headlights, you remove the old bulbs, install the new ones (Do not touch the LED), and then install the LED ballast. The ballast is connected to the back of the bulb and plugs into the vehicle’s original wiring. The last thing to do is to secure the ballast where it won’t get too wet or too hot. A good spot is the back of the headlight housing.

Driving at night can be dangerous especially if it is raining, while your car’s stock headlights might be okay, upgrading them could save you from accidents such as hitting a deer, coming around the corner and not seeing a tree in the road or water over the road. Once you’ve had to make an insurance claim for an accident like this, the resulting payout could have an impact as you compare auto insurance quotes in Canada , for example. Many insurance companies tend to charge more for your policy for each accident claim you have made in the past several years. Investing a little in upgrading your headlights now, can save you money in the future and could save your life.