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6 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

For travelers who are coffee lovers, finding a good coffee shop in a foreign country is a magical moment. Toronto, in particular, is home to some of the most amazing cafés which will not only satisfy your caffeine needs but also fill up your Instagram feed with all the aesthetics from the cafe’s incredible interiors to creatively made latte art.

Here are six best coffee shops, in no particular order, that you should check out when you visit Toronto.

  1. For a Latte: Fika Café

 In Swedish, Fika as a verb means “to go out for coffee,” and as a noun means “coffee break.” This Scandinavian-style coffee shop is situated in a pretty blue house in the heart of Kensington Market.

The unique coffee shop has a Scandinavian-inspired interior with a feature wall decorated with pages of old books. It is the perfect place to read a book all while enjoying your lush lattes, crave-worthy cappuccinos, and perfect pour-overs – not to mention the aesthetically pleasing spaces inside the shop that you should not miss to have your photographs taken.

Before you visit this place, make sure that you have secured an ETA Kanada especially if you are traveling to Canada from a visa-exempt country. If you haven’t applied for it yet, visit the Kanada ETA website to have your ETA application processed smoothly and efficiently.

  1. For a Mocha: Dineen Coffee Company

Dineen is one of the most elegant coffee shops in Toronto, with its soaring ceilings, an ornate tile floor, an arty chandelier, and a vintage-feeling wood counter – bringing you to the pavement cafes in Europe.

Dineen’s must-try mocha, made with their very own decadent chocolate ganache, as well as their other variants of coffee drinks are served with a slice of sophistication, making this coffee shop one of the best in Toronto. So, get that ETA Canada as soon as possible and do not miss the chance to experience this coffee haven.

  1. For an Espresso: Odin Café + Bar

 Located in Corktown, an old neighborhood in Toronto, Odin Café and Bar is well known not only for its espresso but its geometric mod decoration and sculptural interiors as well. This spacious coffee shop is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix in the morning and take a sip of a Pinot glass at night. Aside from their espresso, one of their must-tries is the almond milk mocha, made with a shot of their homemade chocolate sauce and almond milk.

  1. For a Cappuccino: Sam James Coffee Bar

 Sam James has five locations in Toronto, dotted around #the6ix. The coffee shop is decorated in all black and white with tiled floors and an artistic wall of photos, contributing to the overall clean-cut and minimalistic look of the cafe.

Although, with only a few bar stools and a bench, their strong, well-made coffee, including their must-try cappuccino, makes them as one of the best coffee shops in Toronto.

  1. For a Dairy-free Coffee: Quantum Coffee

 Located on the street level of King Street West, Quantum Coffee is another cool coffee shop with a black and white exterior, wood-paneled floors, symmetrical gold lighting, and a spacious interior, producing an overall relaxed ambiance.


For dairy-free coffee enthusiasts, they have plenty of alternative kinds of milk to offer. Quantum’s iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso is also one of their must-tries.

  1. All Kinds of Social Drinks: Boxcar Social

With three locations in Harbourfront, Riverside, and Summer Hill, Boxcar Social is the ultimate coffee shop for socializing. With a great selection of social drinks, including irresistible coffee, patrons can also order a variety of wine, beers, and whiskeys which can be taken to enjoy in their outdoor patio.


All of Boxcar Social’s locations are photogenic, but the coffee shop’s original Summer Hill location is one of the best. It is located in a refurbished Victorian home, boasting whitewashed or painted brick walls, a raw wood bar, and black-painted hardwood floors. With tall windows and wooden tables adding to the quaint atmosphere, the photo opportunities seemed to be limitless in this coffee shop.


Toronto is indeed the home to a number of excellent coffee shops. Aside from those mentioned above, Toronto has an abundance of worth-visiting coffee shops to offer that tend to its incredibly vibrant coffee culture. If you’ll visit the city, exploring cafes can also be one of the best ways to explore Toronto’s culture. But before anything else, ensure that you have applied for a Canada ETA.