5 Points to Remember to Make the Process of Importing a Vehicle to Australia Easy

If you are planning to import a vehicle to Australia, you should remember that Australian quarantine rules and regulations are very strict, and you should understand them well, in order to get your import process done smoothly.

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1. Import Permit

When you import a vehicle to Australia, you need to get an import permit for motor vehicles, trailers and motorbikes from the Federal Department of Infrastructure. If you will be putting the motor bike in a timber/wooden cradle, make sure that the timber is treated and get a treatment certificate.

2. Import Duty and GST

If your vehicle is made in New Zealand or USA, you won’t have to pay Import Duty, but will have to pay GST. For all other countries, you have to pay Australian Import Duty as well as GST.

Australian Import Duty may range from 5% to 10% and even more if it’s a luxury vehicle.

The Australian Customs Department have decided the Duty Rate as 5% to 10% and GST 10% on the landed cost in Australia (landed cost refers to the purchase price, ocean freight and 1/4th of 1% for Marine Insurance even if you have not bought insurance). You have something which you can sell in Australia and so, you have to pay Import Duty as well as GST to Australian customs.

3. Anti Terrorism Legislation

You cannot go to the Australian waterfront to deliver your container or vehicle, attend AQIS or customs inspection or collect your container or vehicle unless you hold your Maritime Identification Security Card (MISC) with you that is issued by (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and Australian Federal Police (AFP).

AQIS can knock back your car for fumigation, steam clean, waste disposal or whatever else you can expect a wait of 3 and a ½ week on the East Coast and 8 weeks in Fremantle (West Coast). Staying on the wharf will rob you of your pocket.

An alternative is to have a Customs under bond entry, hire a transport company registered with the wharf and having drivers with their MISC cards and get your car off to quarantine cleaning services from Marine Auto Depot, for example. Once it’s been washed, you can come for the AQIS inspection.

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4. Australian Quarantine

If you have imported an open boat shipped on a flat rack, cover it with industrial strength transparent glad wrap. Reason? It’s because any potential thief will not tear the wrapping to get a look at what is inside. Also, when it arrives in Australia, AQIS can see the vehicle is free from dirt and debris and pass it.

If you cover it with tarpaulin or boat cover, mostly it is tampered which means dust and debris has made its way in and you will have to undergo AQIS re-inspection.

If you are importing a car, hire one of the great car packing options in Sydney to ensure that your car is free from dust, dirt and debris.

5. Brand New Vehicles

If you want to import a brand new vehicle to Australia, get a carnet in the foreign country which will need you to put up a bond similar to Australia’s GST and Import Duty (and Luxury Car Tax if it’s a luxury vehicle) with the foreign customs department or motoring organisation. It’s typically accepted that a carnet is issued for 12 months on which you can get a 6 month extension.

A brand new vehicle refers to one which was produced, designed and shipped out of a foreign country within 60 days. Having a brand new vehicle is a smart choice and will make it much easier regarding Quarantine Inspection as AQIS will clear it without taking money out of your pocket.

Remember these points to make the process of importing a vehicle easy for you.