5 Critical Car Parts for Which Every Mercedes Owner Should Be Aware Of


If you have just got yourself a brand new Mercedes-Benz, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a car that is both beautiful and efficient. But before you take your Mercedes wheels out for a spin or make any major plans, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. If you’re wondering where to read up on your car, look no further – we’re here to help! To begin with, you must have adequate knowledge of five critical car parts, namely:

  1. Appropriate oil and filter

Your Mercedes can reportedly drive up to a whopping 10,000 miles between oil intervals – but this is only true if you are using the appropriate oil and filter type. Mercedes-Benz uses the Mobil1 0W40 – which is what you should stick to if you want to ensure that your car runs smoothly and your engine isn’t affected by bad or low-quality oil, causing sludge build-up or any kind of premature wear and tear. As for the filter, use only a fleece oil filter, which is the only type that will keep your car going for 10,000 miles. Try to avoid filling up your engine with cheap oils, and definitely make sure that you always use the right kind of filter.

  1. The car battery

Yes, this one is a no-brainer – but one that people often don’t keep in mind. The battery is possibly the most sensitive and important component of your car and it is important to know when it requires a check-up or a replacement. All Mercedes-Benz models are fitted with state of the art equipment and electronics, which are voltage sensitive. So, batteries that are over five years old may not be able to provide the requisite or appropriate voltage that your car requires in order to run smoothly. An old battery may cause your car’s systems and control units to malfunction – your car may seem like it is functioning perfectly one minute, and malfunctioning the next. So before it is too late and your battery stops working entirely, invest in a good replacement – but of course, make sure you do your research first (OEM Bosch Batteries usually do the trick).

  1. Check Engine light

If your car’s Check Engine light suddenly and unexpectedly comes on, first and foremost, do not panic. That said, do not ignore it either, just because it may seem like your car is running perfectly fine. Stop somewhere quiet, where you can concentrate, and there is no danger of you or your car facing any sort of untoward problems, and troubleshoot the light yourself. Alternatively, or after you have already done this, go to your nearest (and most importantly, reliable) auto parts store, and get them to read the fault codes from your Mercedes Benz. This reading is usually done for free, but erasing the codes requires a substantial amount of money. You can either pay your mechanic to do this, or better yet, purchase a code reader. You can store this safely in your car for later use. This way you don’t have to spend an unnecessary and exorbitant amount on erasing the codes, and you can solve the problem yourself whenever it arises.

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  1. Replacement car keys

This may sound at least a little bit ridiculous, but the cost of replacement car keys for your fancy new Mercedes-Benz can range from anywhere between 300 to 500 US dollars. Granted, it might not really sound like too obscene an amount for someone who has just bought themselves a shiny new Merc, but it still seems like an unnecessary price to pay for replacement keys. The best way to prevent your keys from wear and tear and other associated problems is to invest in a good, reliable protective case for the keyfob. Such keyfobs are easily and widely available online, and these silicone covers or cases don’t really cost a bomb. If and when the buttons wear out, the best thing to do is to keep the key and replace the shell, which is also quite readily available.

  1. Windows and sunroof

After your car battery dies or is newly replaced, you may notice that the windows and the sunroof only move a little bit at a time, or perhaps do not operate with one touch. All you need to do when this happens is re-synchronize these parts . Move the windows (or sunroof, as the case may be) all the way, and once it has shut completely, keep pressing the button until you hear the click. This should reset the parts without much trouble.

These tips should help you get used to your Mercedes-Benz a little more easily, and we are willing to bet that you can handle your car a lot better now. Good luck!