4 Crooked Car Scrap Yard Scams in Adelaide

If you have a car that is not in working condition or you cannot find a need for it anymore, the best way to make money out of it is to sell it to scrap yard or a Car Removal Company in Adelaide. Not many people who are in the market for selling cars have extensive experience or knowledge of the industry, hence, prone to scams. Therefore, you should look for trusted companies cash for car companies in Adelaide for selling your car, but if you do decide to sell your car you must be vigilant throughout the process or end up with a nasty deal. We have complied some of the crooked scrap yard scams below.

Fly-by-Night Haulers

Not every scrap yard will have their own dedicated towing services and may rely on tow truck drivers to pick up your car. By the time you agree for the tow truck you have also agreed to pay for the services of the towing and the agreed upon value of the car which can be considerable. If the driver comes and after the inspection, they tell you the car is worth less than the agreed upon value its best to back of the deal as they are trying to under pay to keep the difference.

Not Transferring the Title

When you agree to sell your car to a cash for Cars Company it is imperative that by the end of the process the title is transferred to make the transaction legal. Some companies will promise to take care of all the paperwork on your behalf but later on, you will be burdened with the bill for storage of your car in their lots. You will then be threatened with collection notice as well as being reported to credit bureaus if you don’t honor these payments. The only way to safeguard your self is to ensure the title is signed over so they assume legal ownership.

Charging You for the Towing in Adelaide

Unless you have agreed to deliver the car to the scrap yard, the price you quote should include the price of towing your car. The majority of the cars sold to scrap yards are not in working condition and unless you are vigilant the tow driver may ask you for towing fees in which case you should treat them as fly-by night haulers.

Valuing Your Car at Zero Cost

It’s important for sellers to understand that no matter how old and rusty your car is it will never be of zero value. If you receive a quote from a scrap yard valuing your car at zero, they are scammers willing to take advantage of you. Best to stop dealing with them and find another reputable company.