3 Local Ways to Sell A Car That Does Not Run Anymore


You need a car to get around every day: you run errands, you go to work, take the kids to school; whatever. Cars are very convenient.

Until, of course, they don’t run anymore. Whether you were in an accident or the car is just too old to fix anymore when your car stops working it suddenly transforms from this convenient tool to, perhaps, the most inconvenient thing in your life. Of course, you are going to want to get rid of it but, then again, how do you get rid of a car that doesn’t run?

Actually, I ran into this problem myself and actually found a few options to Sell my non running car.

OPTION 1: Part it Out

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a broken vehicle is to sell it for parts. Or, rather, let it be known that you are selling the parts of your car, individually. You can sell just about anything, not just the most obvious things like the engine and transmission:

  • the seats
  • the mirrors
  • the stereo
  • the tires/wheels
  • the entire center console
  • the steering wheel
  • the caps to the engine fluids (gas cap, oil cap)
  • headlights/lamps

You can get creative, too; you never know what people are looking to buy. Then recycle the rest.

OPTION 2: The “As-Is” Sale

You can list your car in a want-ad (or online) for an “As-Is” sale. This tells the buyer that the car has known problems and they are going to be responsible for fixing them. Typically this is the option to take when the car does not run but the vehicle looks “too good” to part out. That means, basically, the car looks road ready and just needs a little love. A savvy buyer might know how to fix it and could either tow it or replace the broken part on your property and then drive it away.


OPTION 3: The Junkyard Sale

Most junkyards are willing to haul the vehicle away when you sell your damaged car to them. Yes, they will actually PAY YOU to take your car away. Now, this is not necessarily true of every junkyard and what they pay can depend on the quality of the vehicle, but if you really don’t need the money—but need the car gone—this is a smart option.