2018 Hyundai Verna anniversary edition: Top 6 features

Hyundai gives the best gift of launching Hyundai Verna to celebrate the one year anniversary of Sedan that was announced earlier this year. The anniversary edition has new cool features that are pretty amazing. Since the launch of Sedan last year, the manufacturers have sold about 79,608 units. To celebrate this, Verna is recreated with many features. The Korean car manufacturer launched the anniversary edition with top-spec which is commonly known as SX (O) that runs in both petrol and diesel in two different colors. The new edition cars come in colors of Marina blue and Polar white.

Exciting Features in Hyundai Verna Anniversary edition

Many attractive features have been included in the new model. It is like a return gift for the customers as the previous launch of Sedan was successful. Hyundai Verna always comes up with unique specifications in all its variants that make it the best and different car. Many people seek this care as it is affordable and money worthy. The new features that are added in Hyundai Verna are as follows

  • Badge : A special badge is included in the new anniversary edition. In order to show exclusiveness on the model that it has been manufactured for anniversary edition, the badge of the same is available.
  • Body color : To make the clearly noticeable, they have launched the cars with brand new and exciting colors. It comes in the colors of Marina Blue; this has been seen already in the model of Elantra. In addition to this, Hyundai Verna is also available in Polar white color.
  • Spoiler and smart trunks : A spoiler is placed at the rear end that gives the entire look a new appeal. It also has a tailgate opener which is completely automatic. It is very convenient and comfortable.
  • Skid plates : New edition of Hyundai Verna has well equipped and stylish skid plates both in front and rear end.
  • Blue colored accents : In order to match the exterior color of Marina blue, interior of AC vents and display of the touch screen are provided with blue accents. It gives a calm and serene atmosphere inside the car.
  • Exterior black accents : The outside Rear View Mirror which is known as ORVM and the shark fin antenna which is located at the top is black colored. The seats are covered in full black instead of combination of black and beige.
  • Wireless charging : This is an exclusive additional feature found in Hyundai Verna. There are many other goodies like smart trunk and seats that are well ventilated.

Apart from the above features, Hyundai Verna also made free insurance. This third-party free insurance is for second and third years. If you are exchanging your old car, you also get an offer extra around 20,000 INR. There was also a perk if you are working under selected corporate companies. If you are an employee of these select corporate, you will get an offer of additional 20,000 INR to save.