2017 Updates to Toyota Cars

Since its conception in the early 1930s, Toyota has created a niche for itself as the world’s top automotive manufacturer. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda as a spinoff of his father’s legacy. 2017 marks more than 80 years since the giant had been in business. There are a lot of updated features and improvements on Toyota models that should get automotive enthusiasts excited.

From the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla to the legendary Toyota Camry, the iconic Prius and of course the luxurious Avalon, all models boast of new features. For instance, the Camry offers efficiency, reliability and power all rolled into one package.

Find your way with satellite navigation

Toyota’s satellite navigation audio system goes to the next level. With this system, you never worry about getting lost during your excursions. MyCar Rental in Iceland has a wide range of Toyota’s with this amazing feature. You should get peace of mind whenever you hire a ride from this company. Why? First because of the cars’ satellite navigation system that keeps track of your location and secondly because of the top condition in which the cars are kept. Breakdowns are hardly unheard of.

Fuel economy redefined

You are familiar with the fact that gas is a non-renewable resource which is getting scarcer and more expensive. In fact, this is the reason as to why the idea of a hybrid was conceived. Nonetheless, Toyota models have been designed to improve fuel economy. Newer models have engines with the stop and start feature. This system completely shuts down the engine when the car comes to a complete stop then it restarts when you get the foot off the brake pedal. It saves you money which you’d otherwise spend refuelling. How about that for fuel economy?

Stay safe

Toyota has also improved safety features. In fact the revolutionary Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS) has become a standard for all new models and for good reason. For a start the system features a lane departure detection system that alerts you when you are drifting out of your lane and you haven’t indicated that you’re switching lanes. In addition to this, the TSS has a pedestrian and forward collision warning system with emergency brakes to avert any possible collisions. This ensures that your drive down the countryside or highway is smooth and safe. You wouldn’t want to be involved in an accident during your vacation, would you?

Enjoy state of the art entertainment and communication

A CD changer and mp3 compatible as well as auxiliary audio system allows you to sample your favorite music tracks. The system remembers your bass and treble preference settings. This means that they’ll be reconfigured once you switch on the system and press play. The integrated microphone helps you make and receive calls hands free. There are many more features that make Toyota models in a class of their own.

Enjoy the trip across Iceland on a Toyota and you’ll definitely love the experience. Make sure that the car hire company you hire has service the car before hitting the road.