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What to do during holidays? Read online comics

The holidays are a necessary period in the life of every person: you can recharge the batteries, you can make a list of projects for the coming year, you can talk with long-standing friends, you can fit comfortably on the beach sipping a drink or playing beach tennis. In short, all things are permitted during the holidays providing a unique condition should be respected, that is the mind must have fun, to the maximum of its possibilities.

Many people love to spend their free time reading books or comics. Especially in young people and adolescents, the comic book reading is an essential step in literary education, whether they read comics in physical copies or through the web. At this regard, it is possible to point out to those who still have not decided how to spend their holidays and love reading comics, a new, fresh and exciting comic book site: ““. This site is really stunning for both the setting and the features of the characters. The “” parallel universe takes place in a context where World War II never ended and the fury of the Kragen, commander in chief of the army of the Fourth Reich, is raging everywhere.

To counter the Nazi army, there are the Allied Forces, represented by the United States of America, Russia and England. The people who populate this world have a characteristic orange or green skin, and are constantly at the mercy of these warlords, in an abiding state of tension and siege, where even paranoia begins to infiltrate the collective sentiments.

The story focuses on the actions taken by three friends Croatian pilots, who try in every possible way to inhibit the advance of Kragen but they provide a very poor level of technology. In fact, an important point of this comic is the possibility given to the characters to be able to rely solely on a very small set of technological tools, mostly outdated.

It is therefore very easy to imagine in the shoes of our intrepid heroes, eager at all times to know how the incredible narrative can evolve. Then, are you still indecided about what to do on holidays? Read comic books and, above all, read on ““. It is worth it.