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Tourist Spot In Brooklyn

 Already in Brooklyn and confused do not know where to go? Just visit the sites from the list below.

Brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is in the form of a very beautiful suspension bridge. There are special facilities for pedestrian paved with wood. This bridge is quite long, make sure you are fit to cross it. Suitable enjoyed in the afternoon. The scenery is so beautiful at the moment until the middle of the bridge. You can see the travel guides here.

To achieve Brooklyn is not difficult. My advice, who began traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan direction so that you will get a view of the Manhattan skyline that is incredible. Can cross by Metro from the WTC purpose Brooklyn (Hill St), get off at the first stop.

The bridge is about a mile away and starting from City Hall Park. The best brooklyn hotel provides a spectacular view looking back at Manhattan with views of Brooklyn and the East River.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

One of the oldest bridges in NYC This is a great place to walk and see the beautiful view across the river, saw the Statue of Liberty, watching the ferry across the river and enjoy the view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is plenty of seating and you can walk from Clarke Street Station. Promenade is within walking distance of great neighborhood restaurants in Montague. Promenade is the best place to combine a view of Manhattan, the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island.

Coney Island

Coney Island is an outdoor theme park only in NYC. The theme park is located on the beach and only open when the summer. Coney Island is a marvelous place in summer. If you are going to try to go there midweek weekend is usually pretty full. Music concert on Friday which makes this a great place too. One of his popular food stand Nathan’s which sell a variety of sausages, one of the most delicious in NYC.

Barclays Center

Barclays Center is the stadium that are relatively new so the place is very nice and modern.

A place that must be visited when the NBA season. Points home game for the Brooklyn Nets team. Perfect blend of strength, agility, choreography, music, lighting and large. very easy to get there from Manhattan. Easy to get to the place.