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Scouting for and Taking Prize Game Birds

Quail hunting is a time-honored sport that remains popular in all parts of the country. These prize game birds are delicious to eat but elusive to hunt down and take. Even if you are an experienced bird hunter, you might find hunting for quail to be a real challenge.

Rather than waste your time and ammunition on a fruitless hunt, you might instead have better luck taking part in a guided expedition. When you want to go turkey, pheasant, or quail hunting south carolina hunters like you may bag your limit by joining in a hunt hosted by the company today.



Scouted Locations

Like other prize game, quail tend to congregate in favorite locations season after season. They come back to familiar places to reproduce, rest, and feed until it is time to migrate again.

Knowing where to find quail can be the bigger part of the battle when you have a tag and want to fill its limit. You also may not be able to trespass onto certain fields and pastures because the property owner has livestock or crops planted on them.

The company has skilled guides ready to take you onto properties where you have permission to go and also are well-known for their quail populations. You may be able to bag your limit without much effort at all when you take part in a guided hunt rather than head out on your own.


Field Dressing and Processing

Another reason you might want to join in a guided hunt involves protecting the game that you have taken. You only have a finite amount of time after killing quail before the meat starts to go bad. You have to field dress your birds to make sure the meat is not poisoned by the bladder and other organs.

If you are a novice hunter, you might not know how to field dress a quail or any other kind of game. The guides can teach you how to field dress your game so you can have it processed when you get back from the hunt.