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Kid’s Love Personalization

Décor trends and clothing trends change regularly as a child grows from infancy to its teenage years. There are certain trends such as custom décor and personalized clothing and accessories that remain a favorite of children from toddler stage to their teenage years and possibly even into adulthood.

Personalized Decor

Personalized décor often begins in the nursery. You may decorate their room with wall art or accessories that proudly display their name. Growth charts and personalized furniture such as a child’s rocking chair, desk or play table may become part of their room décor. As children grow up they often express interest in specific hobbies, animals, colors or sports. Incorporating items related to their interest is another way to personalize the décor in their room.

Personalized Clothing and Accessories

Clothing trends are sure to change from year to year. Some of those trends may appeal to your child while others may not. Personalized clothing is timeless. Shirts, tees and jackets in trendy styles can be personalized with your child’s name. Another way to make your child’s wardrobe more of a reflection of their personality is to purchase clothing and accessories that reflect their individual interest. Kids western belts are a durable, purposeful accessory that you can have custom designed to relate directly to your child’s interest. You can have their name displayed on the belt and the design on the belt can be a reflection of their interest. The diversity of the designs available range from butterflies and flowers to barb wire and horseshoes with many other designs in between those extremes. To further personalize a belt, you can add a belt buckle that either displays your child’s name or features a design such as a train, a bear, a horse or a colorful rose.

Small Details

Kids outgrow clothing, wardrobe accessories and most kid-themed room décor. There are some small personalized accessories such as a key ring, that they never outgrow. Key rings can be used for their intended purpose or attached to book bags, purses, zippers on a coat or in other creative ways. They can be revered as a keepsake more than just a functional accessory.

Kid’s love seeing their name on lots of items. It’s one of their most individualized features. You can support their love of personalized items through room décor, clothing and accessories.