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Is the Merax 21 speed 700C road bike good as a cheap road bike for commuting?

You can discover numerous big budget based bikes on the market while the quality of them also would be good. But a bigger budget means you are about to spend lots of extra money. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to go with an expensive bike and some people also wish to find something different in a low budget. But in truth how many bikes are great around there in a low budget? Honestly the number would be very low as most of them are very inferior. But does that mean, can’t you find a bike for commuting or racing in a low budget? Of course you can and we made that job easier by our hard work. We found such a bike that ensures an extreme value for your money. And this Merax 21 Speed is the one that meets the needs of people who look an extreme and high quality cheap road bike especially under $300.

This very attractive, lightweight and high quality stiff bike is great for commuting. So you can randomly ride it around the neighborhood street and if you want sometime to go for a fun race with your friends, then you can amazingly do that with this faster and lightweight bike. With quick shifting and wide range gear you can pedal the bike very conveniently with a smooth feeling. Almost all of the components in the bike are quality while the caliper brakes provide an extreme braking power.

Top Specifications of The Merax 21 speed road bike

It’s amazing what it offers on a cheap price range. Everyone would be amazing to see the quality and value of the bike.

Amazingly Stiff Frame

The frame isn’t only looking attractive, but it’s also extremely stiff. The 6061 aluminum ensured that thing while it’s very lighter. This lightweightness not only provides an easier and smooth pedaling, but also provides the easier handling on the uneven surface. Literally, it’s difficult to get such a quality frame into a cheap price based road bike and that’s why I said this Merax 21 speed road bike is different.

Shimano Groupset

No doubt the Shimano Groupset is one of the powerful groupset out there that even sometimes the professional bike uses. And by adding this groupset on this bike the Merax maximizes the powerfulness of the bike. The integrated shifter with smooth shifting system and high quality derailleur with flawless service, you can enjoy the amazing gearing. The wide range gears also provides the gearing in your very needed level.

Caliper Brakes

The caliper brake is one of the powerful brake for slimmer wheels out there that immensely work. The alloy caliper brakes are superbly powerful and amazingly work with the every request of riders. Moreover, the wheelset is very stiff and lighter that is also made out of alloy aluminum.


As well, the other great news is you don’t have to pay extra money for assembling, because the bike is 85{1365769a0610f3a7ca106301dc7a417a519e99ed1c9531123c7c4507bb1787f8} of factory assembled. So the job of assembling can be done by you. So is there anything greater than this bike in cheap price that you can offer? And do you have any doubt with the bike?