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Creating a Gun Range at Home

Are you tired of shelling out money every time that you want to shoot your gun and taking the long trip to the nearest gun range? Creating your own gun range at home is a simple and smart way to practice your skills and shoot targets without ever stepping foot off your property. If you ever watched older films before, you might remember seeing parents teaching their children how to knock down targets like old beer cans or bottles. Building your own range lets you do the same thing with your own kids.

Before you start building, check the ordinances and regulations where you live. If you live in the country, you’ll typically find few laws that prevent you from building your own gun range or target shooting area because so many people in the country use guns for hunting. Those in the city though may find that their towns make it illegal to discharge a gun within city limits. You’ll need to check for exemptions such as those for people who own a larger piece of land and those who build soundproof rooms in their homes for their ranges.

Even if you live in the country though, you may want to consider using some soundproofing materials. This is especially common for those building indoor ranges. No matter how close your neighbors are, they can still hear the sound every time that your gun fires. Using soundproofing materials on the walls, floors and ceiling creates a space that absorbs the sound of your weapon.

You also need to decide on the type of targets that you want to use. While using old bottles and cans is an affordable option, those targets require more clean up. Metal can splinter off the cans and fly around the room or embed in the walls. Glass bottles can and will shatter, which will require that you sweep up any of the debris produced. Many shooting ranges offer paper targets for sale that you can hang up in your own home range. You’ll have fun grabbing the gun from your hip holster, aiming and then shooting at the target. Other targets can look like the wild deer and other animals that you hunt, and you can invest in moving targets that will further test your skills. No matter what target you select, you can create a great environment in your home gun range.