5 Ways to Save on an Outdoor Event

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Outdoor events are a huge part of your family’s summer. You would love to host an extravagant outdoor event with all your friends, family, and neighbors. Unfortunately, you do not have the money to wine and dine your guests. Don’t let your budget limit your fun.

Here are some tips on how to make any outdoor event a smash, even with a budget.

Bulk Supplies

Skip fancy silverware and plates. Buy paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware in bulk. You save money and make cleaning up easier. Use your wholesale membership card to stock up on bulk supplies.

These supplies are also available at online wholesale retailers, local superstores, and grocery stores.

Cook Light

Stick to the classics by purchasing major barbecue meats: chicken, hotdogs, burgers, and steak. Also add some seafood options for a more balanced array of meats. Keep a small stock of meats so that the fruits and vegetables are the bulk part of your food supplies.

People tend to eat lighter during the summer. Therefore, they’re more likely to grab for a small salad than a big chunk of meat. Eliminate some food waste by buying more fruits and vegetables than packages of meat.

Affordable Furniture

Home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, carry a wide selection of affordable outdoor furniture. At Home Depot, you can buy everything from grills to lawn chairs online or in-stores. The home improvement giant runs coupons and exclusive savings on Groupon’s coupon page. These coupons make it even easier to afford all your outdoor furniture needs.


Avoid paying for alcohol by having your guest supply their own. On the invite, encourage guests to bring drinks to share with the party. Since you’re buying and cooking everything else, most guests should be compliant about bringing drinks.

This keeps everyone’s cup flowing all night.

Cheap Entertainment

Keep it simple when it comes to having fun. Don’t overspend on a DJ or a children’s bouncy castle. Stick with the basics. Find some cheap, but fun, games for the children to play. Consider games like Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey, Slip-N-Slide, and smacking the Piñata.

Let the adults have fun by dancing to your playlist. Set up 4-5 small speakers around the backyard. Make sure that the playlist includes at least 6 hours worth of music that’s a mixture of new and classic upbeat jams.

Also have a deck of cards around for anyone who wants to play card games during the party.

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3 Historic Places in Indonesia that You Must Visit

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Indonesia, the country that has a million cultures. Culture in Indonesia is merely a value inherited from ancestors. Culture is created until now this has historic relics from ancient times in which we can enjoy these treasures to this day. The relics as proof of the witnesses die life history of Indonesia. Apart from the inscriptions, historical remains ancient times also evidenced by the historic site in Indonesia which still can be seen.

  1. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu is one of the historic site in Indonesia precisely located in Semarang, Central Java. These sights are witness location of heavy fighting that took place between youth AMKA (Young Generation Railways) against Kempeitai also Kidobutai, Japan. This building was also proof of the history of the Battle of five days in Semarang, which occurred on 14 October 1945 to 19 October 1945. The building has two floors and was built in 1904 and was completed in 1907. This building became offices Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij Spoorweg or shortened to NIS. Local people call Lawang Sewu because this building has number of doors which are very much with the amount of one thousand. But the fact is there are not a thousand pieces. Lawang Sewu is taken from the Java language, which means a thousand doors.

  1. Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate is a historical venue located in Indonesia precisely in Bandung. If we hear Bandung then the first thought usually is Gedung Sate. This building is called the Gedung Sate because at the top of this building had similar ornaments with a skewer. This building was built in 1920. Gedung Sate not a regular building, this building is an office building for the provincial government of West Java. Usually the Bandung community to make this place as a place to relax on Sunday and met with many merchants.

  1. Prambanan

Prambanan is a historic site in Indonesia, located in Yogyakarta, which is located not so far from Borobudur Temple. Prambanan temple is often referred to Jonggrang. The edge in this temple restricted balustrade with a decorative reliefs berceritakan about Ramayana, we can see by walking around the temple area through the hallway. There are two other temples are located opposite each other was one page with Prambanan temple with a height of 16 meters.

Indonesia besides rich culture and natural beauty, Indonesia also has a wealth of historical heritage. That is evidenced by the many buildings and historic site in Indonesia that is still awake. Historical sights scattered in several regions in Indonesia have a special attraction for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Historic site in Indonesia suited visited with family, especially with your son or daughter your pet because it can increase knowledge about history in Indonesia. Not always a must visit tourist place just to unwind, it’s good to visit historic sites as the benefits are also more than just fun and entertainment.… Read More

What to do during holidays? Read online comics

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The holidays are a necessary period in the life of every person: you can recharge the batteries, you can make a list of projects for the coming year, you can talk with long-standing friends, you can fit comfortably on the beach sipping a drink or playing beach tennis. In short, all things are permitted during the holidays providing a unique condition should be respected, that is the mind must have fun, to the maximum of its possibilities.

Many people love to spend their free time reading books or comics. Especially in young people and adolescents, the comic book reading is an essential step in literary education, whether they read comics in physical copies or through the web. At this regard, it is possible to point out to those who still have not decided how to spend their holidays and love reading comics, a new, fresh and exciting comic book site: “ironclawed.com“. This site is really stunning for both the setting and the features of the characters. The “ironclawed.com” parallel universe takes place in a context where World War II never ended and the fury of the Kragen, commander in chief of the army of the Fourth Reich, is raging everywhere.

To counter the Nazi army, there are the Allied Forces, represented by the United States of America, Russia and England. The people who populate this world have a characteristic orange or green skin, and are constantly at the mercy of these warlords, in an abiding state of tension and siege, where even paranoia begins to infiltrate the collective sentiments.

The story focuses on the actions taken by three friends Croatian pilots, who try in every possible way to inhibit the advance of Kragen but they provide a very poor level of technology. In fact, an important point of this comic is the possibility given to the characters to be able to rely solely on a very small set of technological tools, mostly outdated.

It is therefore very easy to imagine in the shoes of our intrepid heroes, eager at all times to know how the incredible narrative can evolve. Then, are you still indecided about what to do on holidays? Read comic books and, above all, read on “ironclawed.com“. It is worth it.… Read More

Valentine’s Day Gift that Speaks of Love

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In a few more weeks Valentine’s Day would here. Even though people don’t admit, it is special to everyone. The lovers look forward to this day. They even wait for 14th Feb to appear. However, the only problem they face is about the gift. What gift to buy? There are so many. Added to this Valentine’s Day is a tricky thing. The gift suggests the kind of relationship you share with your lover. It might be a long time one. It might be a relationship which just started taking shape. You need to buy gift depending on your relationship. Now there are a lot of valentines day gifts to Bhopal which you can explore online. So, now the question is – what to give.


Chocolate is considered to be that gift which can be given on any occasion. You can give this to anyone as well. However, on Valentine’s Day buy something different. Buy heart shaped chocolates for your loved one. These chocolates can be bought online or you can get them custom made. If you want you can get a box of chocolate which will brighten up their day. If chocolate seems too ordinary to you, switch to cookies. You will find these online too. These are available and easy to get. What you can do is create a fusion of chocolate and cookies for your loved one.


Pendants, especially the heart shaped pendants are the hot in the market. This is the right thing to buy for the event. You can buy couple pendants which both of you can keep with yourself. Or, you can buy couple rings with ILU written on them. To be more romantic, you can have I Love Thee written on them too. Additionally, you can buy bangles or chains for the occasion. Crystals can be great gift option for this day. Buy love crystal for your loved one. For female buy rose quartz pendant. This will elevate the love between you two. For male green jade would be a perfect pick. Clear crystal speaks of love too. They look beautiful enough to be used on jewelries. You can buy this as Valentine’s Day gift as well.


Buy red roses. Yes, these are the flowers that will adorn your special day. Roses have topped the gift list a long time ago. They would remain there always too. However, red is not the only color of love. Pink too is the color which represents love. Yes, pink has a subtle effect on love. It represents innocent and pure love. For this reason, if you two have just started dating pink roses would be the right gift. Without thinking twice, you can buy this flower for your loved one. Yellow roses represent life and friendship. These are the symbols of prosperity too. If you want to wish someone good luck on this day, this is the flower to pick.

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Is the Merax 21 speed 700C road bike good as a cheap road bike for commuting?

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You can discover numerous big budget based bikes on the market while the quality of them also would be good. But a bigger budget means you are about to spend lots of extra money. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to go with an expensive bike and some people also wish to find something different in a low budget. But in truth how many bikes are great around there in a low budget? Honestly the number would be very low as most of them are very inferior. But does that mean, can’t you find a bike for commuting or racing in a low budget? Of course you can and we made that job easier by our hard work. We found such a bike that ensures an extreme value for your money. And this Merax 21 Speed is the one that meets the needs of people who look an extreme and high quality cheap road bike especially under $300.

This very attractive, lightweight and high quality stiff bike is great for commuting. So you can randomly ride it around the neighborhood street and if you want sometime to go for a fun race with your friends, then you can amazingly do that with this faster and lightweight bike. With quick shifting and wide range gear you can pedal the bike very conveniently with a smooth feeling. Almost all of the components in the bike are quality while the caliper brakes provide an extreme braking power.

Top Specifications of The Merax 21 speed road bike

It’s amazing what it offers on a cheap price range. Everyone would be amazing to see the quality and value of the bike.

Amazingly Stiff Frame

The frame isn’t only looking attractive, but it’s also extremely stiff. The 6061 aluminum ensured that thing while it’s very lighter. This lightweightness not only provides an easier and smooth pedaling, but also provides the easier handling on the uneven surface. Literally, it’s difficult to get such a quality frame into a cheap price based road bike and that’s why I said this Merax 21 speed road bike is different.

Shimano Groupset

No doubt the Shimano Groupset is one of the powerful groupset out there that even sometimes the professional bike uses. And by adding this groupset on this bike the Merax maximizes the powerfulness of the bike. The integrated shifter with smooth shifting system and high quality derailleur with flawless service, you can enjoy the amazing gearing. The wide range gears also provides the gearing in your very needed level.

Caliper Brakes

The caliper brake is one of the powerful brake for slimmer wheels out there that immensely work. The alloy caliper brakes are superbly powerful and amazingly work with the every request of riders. Moreover, the wheelset is very stiff and lighter that is also made out of alloy aluminum.


As well, the other great news is you don’t have to pay extra money for assembling, because the bike is 85% of factory assembled. So the job of … Read More